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The Rothaarsteig offers a multifaceted hiking trail. While there are many densely wooded perspectives in the North, a rather open landscape of meadows can be found in the South. The hiking trail with a length of 154 km offers many aspects as the nature phenomenon Bruchhausener Steine am Langenberg or the hiking trail Kyrill-Pfad am Forsthaus Hohenroth located in Schanze and Willingen. Another attraction is the nature reserve Niedersfelder Hochheide, which is the highest in North Rhine-Westphalia.


Bestwiger Panoramaweg

With a total length of about 53 km through every district of Bestwig this hiking trail can be enjoyed. Nice viewpoints and attractions underline the special atmosphere. An entrance is possible in every district. The trail Bestwiger Panoramaweg is marked with a B.


Sauerland Waldroute

The Sauerland Waldroute (marked with a W), which opened in 2008 is not only magical and mystical but always different. One part of the route leads through Bestwigs and Ostwigs area. You can discover a unique wildlife.  One witnesses moors, ponors, natural monuments and panoramic views, which are an unforgettable experience for body, mind and soul. Click on the general map to see the complete route in all its details:


Directly at the entrance of Ostwig hiker can find the beginning of the Elpeweg, which is marked by a wooden archway. An information board offers information about the river and its course. The hiking trail is very close to nature. Small stations like a Tretbecken (some kind of footbath), a little spring of water and much more can be found here. The walkers and people of all ages experience the diversity of the trail. However, it is not constructed for wheelchairs and buggies. 


Geocaching – a modern treasure hunt

In Ostwig and surroundings there are great aims for geocaching-friends.

From “Traditionals” to  tricky “Multicoaches” everything can be found.

Geocaching is a modern and exciting scavenger hunt for young and old. With the help of a small GPS receiver you have to find certain coordinates to find little hidden treasures, the “caches”. You find coordinates directly or you have to unravel a riddle first. The destination is marked by a hidden box with a logbook and a few small treasures. A successful treasure hunter is allowed to take one cache and is supposed to put another little “gift” back in the box for the next geocacher.

You can find a map for geocaching near Ostwig here:

Suitable equipment will be necessary, if you want to start immediately. This will be: sturdy shoes, a good sense of direction and a GPS receiver. A receiver for your first steps into geocaching costs about 100 €.


Have fun!