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"There is much to see in Ostwig!"

Here is no boredom. Guests and visitors, who want to be active, just relax or who want to know more about the history, landscape and people of Ostwig, will find many possibilities in the near surroundings. Every age group will find something exciting. On this website we want to present you a short selection. Of cause there is much more to see. We are grateful for suggestions to add to this list. Write an e-mail at redaktionostwig(a)gmx(dot)de.

Interesting destinations in Ostwig and its near surroundings that are within walking distance:


The old chimney is a relic from the 1850th. In that time Ostwig was very active in the mining industry. A good view over the Elpetal can be made via a spiral staircase in the inside of the ruin. We suggest wearing sturdy shoes for the walk. 



Directly at the entrance of Ostwig hiker can find the beginning of the Elpeweg, which is marked by a wooden archway. An information board offers information about the river and its course. The hiking trail is very close to nature. Small stations like a Tretbecken (some kind of footbath), a little spring of water and much more can be found here. The walkers and people of all ages experience the diversity of the trail. However, it is not constructed for wheelchairs and buggies. 


This is an old tunnel, which was used for prospecting purposes during the mining boom in the 19th century. The entrance is characterised by an explanation panel and the tunnel is even accessible for a few metres. You can still see the remains of the old rails. A few paths are near the tunnel, so that hiker can do a short side trip.